Feb 22, 2010


I know it's been some time
But there's something on my mind
You see, I haven't been the same
Since that cold November day...
We said we needed space
But all we found was an empty place
And the only thing I learned
Is that I need you desperately...

So here I am

And can you please tell me... oh


Where do broken hearts go
Can they find their way home
Back to the open arms
Of a love that's waiting there
And if somebody loves you
Won't they always love you
I look in your eyes
And I know that you still care, for me

 I've been around enough to know
That dreams don't turn to gold
And that there is no easy way
No you just can't run away...
And what we have is so much more
Than we ever had before
And no matter how I try

You're always on my mind


And now that I am here with you
I'll never let you go
I look into your eyes
And now I know, now I know...

I just got to know that this song means so much to me...Thanx dear for still been there for me all these while... ;p

Thanx also for dedicating this song to me...huhu

Jan 11, 2010

Acid Attack at Temple Street, Hong Kong

" At least 30 people were injured when a man hurled suspected acid into a crowd at one of Hong Kong's most famous tourist spots.

A man was arrested after the incident in Temple Street, a densely populated district known for its outdoor shops and restaurants in the city's Kowloon area.

The victims, including children and tourists, were all treated at local hospitals for burns and other injuries. They were later released.

The suspect, described as a Chinese man in his 30s, was arrested after he was found on the roof of a nearby building along with caps to the bottles believed to have been used in the attack, said a police spokeswoman.

The incident was the latest in a string of similar attacks since December 2008 that have injured more than 100 people.

Hong Kong chief executive Donald Tsang condemned the attack and said it was "infuriating" that it had followed the earlier incidents.

Mr Tsang reminded people that a 300,000 Hong Kong dollars (£24,000) reward had been offered for information about the earlier attacks.

The arrest was the first in connection with any of the incidents." 

I was so shocked at the time i heard about this news. Alhamdulillah, at the same time this thing happened, i was at Lady's Market and not at Temple Street....fuuuhhhh..lega..i went to temple street on the night before..If me and frens decided to go to Temple Street that nite, i can't imagine what will happen to us. That nite, while waiting for my frens, i saw a fire truck pass by, but didn't think of anything big happened...rupa2nya that fire truck is on their way to temple street...ish2...Temple Street is just a mile away from our hotel. It takes about only 15 to 20 minutes walking from our hotel to that area or 10 minutes if we take MTR (sama mcm LRT)..just 1 station from temple street to Tsim Sha Tsui station.

Alhamdulillah, aku slamat sampai Malaysia smula yesterday, if not..maybe i'm hospitalized as one of the acid attack victim...huhuhu

I'm Back Malaysia...